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Hi Racers-
From Shawn Sampson - Sampson Racing Communications
I would like to quickly update you on how the CoronaVirus outbreak is affecting our operations. To this point, we are operating very much like we normally would with some adjustments to protect our customers and our team.
Current Product Availability
SRC operating policy was to enter the racing season well stocked. We have met that goal and are currently stocked up for the season. Hopefully this will allow us to continue to supply you as needed despite the interruptions we anticipate.
Future Product Availability
Our purchasing team is in constant contact with our suppliers to determine how we can mitigate any delays or shortages. To date, most of our partner factories are still operating. The worldwide impact the CoronaVirus has had on the supply chain may impact future product supply. We appreciate your understanding if product shortages impact your operations. We will certainly work with you to find alternatives if certain items become unavailable.
Personnel Behavior/Travel Limitations
For the indefinite future, we are limiting our travel and customer visits. We are doing this for you and for our team. We are asking our sales team to use their phones and video conferencing as a way to continue to support our customers while limiting their travel and exposure to outside influences whether it be at a hotel, racetracks or restaurants. If you require an in-person visit, please contact us. The mutual safety to our staff, their families and you are of the utmost importance to us.
I am hopeful that by being diligent and acting aggressively, we can limit the spread and help protect the folks that are on the front lines dealing with this virus.
We greatly appreciate your business and loyalty and we will do our best to serve you as we always have. If there is anything, we can do to help you during these difficult times, please don’t hesitate to ask!
Cheers, Shawn Sampson - SRC


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