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2020 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill - Arrive and Drive or Teams Looking for Drivers

Roman V.

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If your team is looking to fill a seat, post you contact information in this thread. Also, if you are a driver and looking for a seat with a team, post your contact information in this thread so someone can reach out to you. 

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I'm looking for a seat in a Miata. On Team Rotary Heads, main driver is faster than me. Looking for a well organized and funded team, looking to finish, but Im not podium material. . ..

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Looking for a ride for the 25 this year. F1600 experience, extensive sim-racing resume, Northeast LeMons ringer. Been doing LeMons since it's been an affordable option but take my driving very seriously and want to drive in a more competitive field to test my abilities. 

Currently 160 lbs and 5'9" but working on lowering that to 150 lbs. I'm 20 years old and have been focused on improving all aspects of my driving for the past five years. Completing a full endurance race like this would be another big step for me.

Ideally looking for Spec Miata or similar type car as that is most likely to fit my budget, but am certainly open to considering any car type.

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