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NASA Sim League iRacing FAQ

Will F.

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What program do I need to get started?

We're running this league in iRacing, so for starters you'll need a membership with iRacing. Currently all memberships are 50% off starting at $6.50/month. https://www.iracing.com/membership/

What equipment do I need?

You'll need a steering wheel, pedals, as well as a cockpit to mount them to. This is a pretty good guide to a few different setups HERE

What computer do I need?

This answer will vary greatly depending on you monitor setup, but getting started requires a fairly basic windows based PC. You can see the requirements for iRacing or even test your computer for free HERE

What do I need to do to collect contingency? 

For starters, you'll need to create your livery with the stickers of the contingency companies you want on the car. We'd suggest using Trading Paints to do this. If you're not familiar with photoshop you can hire someone to do a full livery for you for as little as $50. You cannot have conflicting companies or sanctioning bodies on the car. So for Example you cannot get paid Toyo bux with BFG stickers on the car. 

After each race you'll need to upload your results with a screenshot of your car with the proper contingency sticker placement through the proper portal at prizes.drivenas.com

More coming soon! 

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