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NASA Sim Racing Decals and Contingency Image Files

Aldrin V.

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NASA Sim Racers! 

You can download the required contingency sponsor images in the link below. Vector file formats are included for those who would like to design their own liveries. 




Decal Requirements:

  • NASA Decals are mandatory:
    • Place (4) NASA decals on each side of the car
    • Place #DRIVENASA logo as Window Banner
  • Competition Motorsport (CMS) decals are mandatory. Place (4) CMS decals on each side of the car
  • Please follow the Decal requirements for each contingency sponsor by visiting the link above. 
    • Unless otherwise noted, requirements will be identical to regular NASA events

BASE LIVERY TEMPLATES - DOWNLOAD HERE  (Made for TradingPaints courtesy of Austin Cobb and @Brandon Pantas

These templates are base templates which includes the required NASA, CMS, Toyo and Hawk decals. As more programs are added, you will need to modify this template to include new decals. 

  • This is a .PSD file, which means you will need Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or other editors that can handle photo manipulation and layered files. If you do not know how to edit these files, ask here or email us and we will connect you to someone who can. 
  • This is not meant to be a final livery, you can customize base car colors and adjust positions of decals to you liking (if allowed by contingency sponsor) You are still responsible for placing the correct decals as more programs become available. 

These Official Logos must be treated the same way as you would display them on your physical race car. Please DO NOT modify or change colors of these images beyond resizing to fit your digital livery. 

This link will be updated with new logos as new programs become available. 

Let us know if you have any questions

Thanks and Happy Racing! 

Livery Examples - 



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45 minutes ago, bmcqueen said:

is there a cheat sheet for the following?

  1. which logos are mandatory
  2. how many to add
  3. where they need to be placed



updated the original post with answers to your questions!

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