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starting a build for an e30 in TT


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I hope you are well in the strange times. 
I don't know why my wife thinks I have a problem after buying my third e30???  Maybe I do??  
So, this is my first post for TT.  I'm a long time driver of e30's in Autocross and HPDEs and planning to get into TT.  But what group do I build for?  Is TT3 reasonable in an e30??  I'd love to get some info or resources on the build or if anyone has done it.  
Thanks in advance.
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IMO, TT3 is not reasonable for an e30.  It would require extreme power increase / weight reduction.  Typical competitive cars in TT3 are E46 M3, C5 corvette, 944 Turbo, etc.

TT5 would probably be a good target for a 325i e30.  Typical competitive cars in TT5 are NC miata, RX8, FRS/BRZ, e36 325i/328i, etc.  Compared to these more modern cars, the e30 will be at a disadvantage, due to  its poor aerodynamics and relatively simplistic suspension goemetry.

Read the rulebook, and figure out all of your mod factors to calculate what your final weight and power targets would be.

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  • National Staff

I would agree that TT3 is probably not the best place unless your budget is very large, and you want to take advantage of the more open rules than in TT4-6.  Although we usually think about the e30 in terms of our Spec class, years ago I saw some very fast e30's that were modded to the hilt.

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There is a competitive E30 running in TT5 in the Florida region. Looks like a good fit for the chassis without breaking the budget.

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