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NP01 2020/21 Spec Series Upgrades


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With this years racing activities somewhat curtailed at the moment I'd like to go over the updates we've designed for the NP01 which will all be Spec NP01 legal parts.

The aero upgrade consists of three kits - Rear wing pylon/end plate kit, Front Splitter Ramp kit and the rear diffuser kit.

Rear Wing Pylon kit. This includes new pylons and end plates that move the rear wing rewards and slightly lower to work in a  better air flow area behind the engine cover.

Front Splitter Ramps. This kit is available in two options.

Option 1. NP01 owners can order just the ramps which will include a trim template to cut the stock splitter base.

Option 2. Ramps plus pre-machined splitter base.

Some owners have already added a stiffening brace to the stock front splitter and an extra cable stay each side. Our new ramps do require these parts and they can be supplied if your car doesn't have this update.

Rear Diffuser. This kit is made up of three parts. A left and right side tunnel and a center section. This kit will be supplied with all required hardware to fit. The rear diffuser also requires a trim the side pod floor. A template will be included. Again, we can supply re-machined floors if required.

The net result of these aero upgrades is a more than doubling of downforce for very little drag increase, and more importantly much needed front aero balance. At 150mph the car now generates 905lbs of downforce against 407 in stock trim. Front balance has increased from 24.5% to 52%.

At this time we have the pylon/end plate and front splitter ramp kits ready to ship.

The diffuser kits will be ready in the coming weeks.

Please contact us for more details at     [email protected]









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