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Hi. I’m looking for a recommendation for a shop to do a 3 link setup for my 2002 ford lightning. I’m in Napldes Fl. Is there anyplace decent around me?  Thank you

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Somebody to just randomly fabricate a 3-link, install a 3-link kit made by somebody else, or somebody to correctly design, engineer, and install one?  While anybody can smokewrench a premade kit onto your truck, I'm not aware of any shops that can properly design/engineer/install something like this, although that doesn't mean that there isn't somebody in FL who could. 

IMO, beware of anybody who doesn't understand suspension geometry who offers to build a 3-link from scratch without offering some science or geometry behind it.  A half-assed 3-link is likely worse than your current leaf setup.

Also...maybe a torque arm?  https://www.neulineco.com/neuline-rear-suspension


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