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TT5/ST5 rain tire sizing


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Hi All,

I am preparing a Mazda RX-8 for TT5/ST5 competition.

200 WHP approximately.  2900 lbs approximately

For dry tires, I will be running 245 R7's on 17x9 wheels (the common setup for other RX8 racers, and confirmed to pass the tire width test).



For rain tires, should I run the same sizes, or should I run a slightly narrower tire and/or wheel? (225's on 17x8 wheels for example)

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I'm certainly no expert in the rain, but since there haven't been any replies yet I'll pitch in my two cents.

I think this will depend on the tire you plan on using in the rain. I skimmed through the rules, and it looks like you can use a Hoosier H2O. I assume that's your plan? If so, I'd still get them close to your width limit. They're really soft and actually get warm from my short 15-min TT sessions in the rain. I think you'd want to get them as wide as possible so they're less likely to overheat if it starts drying up in a race.

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