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Rush SR1


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A friend is look at an SR1 primarily for TT.....looks like a good fit for tt1 assuming it is considered tube frame, not prototype.


other than a single press release a few years ago, I don’t see much mention of them in NASA competition 


anybody run one, or know much about them other than the specs?



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Most likely, the SR1 would be considered a prototype, unfortunately.

In the company's descriptions, it refers to itself as a prototype, and draws comparisons to other similar cars (radical, etc).

It also has many features similar to other prototypes (single/center seat, no windshield, mid-mounted motorcycle engine, etc).


Taking the hit for prototype, it will struggle to be competitive, because it has significantly less aero than something like an ELAN DP02, etc.


But, it still looks like a ton of car/fun for the money.  The overall competitiveness of TT1 is very variable region to region, so maybe it would be competitive regionally, but its not going to be able to win a national championship, etc. (in my opinion)

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