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(Sold) 2013 Radical SR1 $29,950 OBO


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Dollar for dollar, you won’t find more performance in a current production racing car.

This is a great car for racing; driver development or track days. Radicals are usually one of the fastest cars on track. The car is located in Golden, Colorado. It has a NASA log book and a 2020 annual inspection. I have had multiple wins in the NASA Rocky Mountain Super Unlimited class, most recently in June. https://youtu.be/6feol3fswnI

The SR1 is based on, and is a replacement for the SR4. It uses the same FIA homologated chassis, but with a de-tuned Hayabusa engine. Radical Sports cars consider the SR1 to be their entry level car because of its ease of driving.  They have an SR1 only rookie series in the UK. The SR1 has less aero down force/drag than the SR3, so it has a high top speed and acceleration in relation.

2013 Radical SR1, s/n 00027

  • Only 62.6 hours, 3264 miles, on the chassis and just 2.9 hours on the RPE-1340 engine.
  • Right hand drive, (the left hand shifting takes all of about 5 minutes to get used to.)
  • Manual shift, Up shifts are clutch less with just a slight throttle lift at the same time as you pull the lever back, but the Downshifts, require the use of the clutch and a “heel and toe” blip of the throttle. This keeps the driver engaged with the art of driving the car.
  • The non logging MXL Strada dash was replaced with an Aim MXL2 data logging dash with GPS08, the ECU is connected to the dash via Can Bus, I installed steering & brake pressure sensors so that all driver inputs can be logged.
    SmartyCam GP HD Rev 2.2 provides HD video with data overlay. Auto start/stop, so you never have to remember to turn it on or off.
  • The blue livery is vinyl wrap on top of the white gel coat. It is showing racing wear.
  • Penske 7500 double adjustable dampers (original AVO dampers included)
  • 13” Hankook SR1 tires, ventus z205,(160/530-13 and 195/570-13.) There are a few options for other tires that will fit.
  • Driver’s belts are Sabelt Formula 2” belts, good thru the end of 2024. Passenger belts are original from 2013.
  • Optional wrap around head support is installed, this is needed for competition.
  • New chain and sprockets in May 2020

RPE 1340 Hayabusa fuel injected engine. s/n 1340-0229

  • May 2020, I completed the engine restoration (see my RPE1340 refresh thread), converted to SBD dry sump system. The SBD system has a better oil pressure regulator valve location, resulting in even more stability for the oil pressure. At the refresh, all new rings and bearings installed, new clutch, installed new stainless valves, new transmission shift forks.
  • The new Bosch electric water pump, controlled by the ECU.
  • Life racing F88 logging ECU (Oem)
  • Custom fuel “pump out” system, consisting of quick disconnect, hose and wiring adapter. (it is located at the pressure regulator, so when disconnected, it won’t spill fuel on a hot engine.)

Extras included with the car

  • Second set of wheels, (with cycled out Pirelli slicks)
  • Spare nose (needs some fiberglass repair, bought it that way).
  • Spare starter, new genuine Suzuki.
  • ECU and AIM download cables.

I have the AIM data from every time the car has been run, and ECU data from every weekend. Also maintenance records of most everything from adjustments to component changes, full maintenance records from my ownership.

Possible delivery can be discussed. I can help with operational questions.


  • Two-seater powder-coated carbon steel space frame chassis with integral safety cell and aluminum front crash structures - complying with MSA safety requirements
  • 185bhp RPE-Suzuki 1340cc 4-cylinder double overhead cam engine with a wet-sump oil system, four butterfly, 35mm fuel injection system with composite ram air box and lightweight steel flywheel with multi-plate clutch
  • 44-litre foam-filled aluminum fuel tank mounted behind the driver within the safety cell
  • Six-speed sequential transverse gearbox driving a chain drive system, torque-biasing limited-slip differential for seamless diff lock-up, with a lever actuated reverse gear.
  • Fully adjustable Nik suspension system front and rear featuring unequal length top and bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, forged steel centre lock hubs and interchangeable anti-roll links with single-adjustable, coil-over dampers
  • Radical four-pot calipers front and rear acting on 240mm dia. × 25mm, 30-vane ventilated discs front and rear
  • Radical cast aluminum wheels, 7" × 13" dia. front and 9" × 13" dia. rears
  • Four-piece lightweight fiber-glass bodywork with self-colored gel coat finish, composite front diffuser with removable, high-nose, low-drag front section
  • Removable composite tail section with integral induction intake and ventilation grilles and aluminum rear wing with end plates
  • Rear brake and fog lights
  • Molded composite, high-sided, drivers and passenger seats with adjustable mounts
  • Carbon-composite dashboard featuring a Radical display unit, incorporating an LED analogue rev counter, gear indicator, shift light, four LCD displays of engine parameters/speed and warning lights. (Replaced dash/display with AIM MXL2)
  • Dash-mounted brake bias adjuster.

Additional items available

  • Chassis set up tools: wired scales with levelers, String box supports, Smart Camber gauge, drop height bar.
  • Low profile front jack.

Trailer:  (but will only go after the car sells)

  • Neo 2016, NAV167TF, black & Silver.
  • 7x16 V-Nose all Aluminum.
  • Electric brakes on all wheels.
  • 7000 lb GVW, about 1850 lbs empty (fully loaded with car and gear, 3670 lbs with about 433 lbs tongue weight)
  • 3500 lb winch with 12v deep cycle battery, and wireless remote.
  • LED lighting
  • Aluminum tire rack.
  • Door mounted oil rack
  • Roof vent
  • Race Ramps, the long 2 piece units.
  • Spare tire/wheel




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