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Hank P.

NASA TX race tech inspection shops

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Hank P.

Hi everyone. Here is the current list of SFI-certified race tech inspection shops. I'll update this list as more inspectors/shops complete their exams.

It's always best to try to have your car inspected prior to the event; this means less waiting in line and less chance of tech surprises at the track. The race tech process is as follows:

  • Call one of these shops, make an appointment and have your car and driver gear inspected. Bring a race tech form and if you have an existing logbook, bring the logbook too.
  • The inspector/shop will complete and sign the form. Make sure the form is fully completed and signed by the inspector, with dates noted where appropriate. The dates are important!
  • If you have an existing logbook, be sure the inspector/shop signs the logbook.
  • You, the competitor, should keep the original tech form and the shop/inspector should make a copy for their records.
  • Bring your completed tech form and logbook to our tech/impound staff at the event. No need to bring your car to Tech if there were no issues with your tech inspection. If there were issues with your inspection, then bring your car.
  • Our tech/impound staff will review the tech form, and if needed will re-inspect your car. When all is ok we will provide an annual sticker. If this is a new inspection, we will also issue a new logbook.
  • Enjoy your raceday morning knowing that you don't need to wait in the tech line!

Any questions, please message or call and I'll be happy to help. See ya at the track!


NASA TX Tech Inspection


20200701 NASA-TX Race Tech Shops.pdf

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