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Live Broadcast Directory for Utah 6 hour 8/1/20

Neil D.

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Hey everyone! I will be updating this post with links to teams live video for the Utah 6 hour. 

NASA Utah has a live broadcast and I’m sure plenty of other teams will have their own live in-car video. Please post here or message me with links that you have or find and I’ll update the master list


race starts at 6pm 8/1/20


main NASA Live coverage. We have limited capabilities this year but we’ll do our best to keep you updated with what’s happening!

Two teams will be broadcasting here - Team Black Swan Search in a spec e30 racing one E3S and team Racing Ruined My Life in a BMW E30 racing in E2


Team HQ Autosport in a BMW 128i racing in E2 - 



more live-streams - 



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22 minutes ago, vatche77 said:

Will the official NASA stream link be posted here?

Yep! I’ll share the link here and these links will also be available on the NASA live stream 

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