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1986 Mariah DSR/P2: Great TT Car


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The car is a 1986 Mariah sports 2000, converted to DSR in 2006 and run as a P2 most recently. Full roll cage, seat moved to the center and a 2004 GXSR 1000 (162 hp) installed. Paddle shifter. 2 set used tires mounted and 1 set stickers. Lots of sprockets, springs and spares (see below). SCCA Logbooks. Fits up to a 6', 195 lb driver without removing the current set and pouring a custom seat. Current driver is 5'-11", 185.

Aluminum monocoque chassis with roll cage made of 1 3/8" 4130. Wheelbase 96", track front 60" rear 57" center seat. Weight 1160# with 185# driver and 4 gallons fuel. Engine Suzuki GSXR 1000. with carrillo rods, billet oilpan with 2006 oil pump and hydraulic clutch. Air box is stock and uses a K&N filter with ram air into the bottom of the airbox as Suzuki designed it. Spares include throttle bodies, stock airbox, air filter, fuel filters, ECMs, coils, redline oil and filters, springs 12 sets, sprockets new and used, chain. Complete axles with CV joints installed. Brake rotors and pads. Shift and throttle cables, rear rocker arms, 3 Datson stub axles.

Car is located in the SF Bay Area.

Priced to Sell at $5,800.

Click image for larger version.   Name: 20200806_124548.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 108.3 KB  ID: 93682Click image for larger version.   Name: 20200806_125507.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 145.7 KB  ID: 93687Click image for larger version.   Name: 20161107_105806.jpg  Views: 118  Size: 104.7 KB  ID: 93448Click image for larger version.   Name: 20200806_125454.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 125.4 KB  ID: 93688Click image for larger version.   Name: 20200806_130522.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 96.5 KB  ID: 93692Click image for larger version.   Name: 20161107_110116.jpg  Views: 105  Size: 89.6 KB  ID: 93450

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