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Verify TT awards are by TT division and not overall?


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It seems like the contingency is based on how the NASA officials report the results  - if I am third in my TT1 class, but they put all of the results together on the timingscoring website so there are a bunch of TTU cars in front of me and I end up less than 5th overall out of ALL the time trial cars, should I still apply to get the Hawk Bucks contingency?  Previously I did so and I had to put in my overall placing to get it accepted (I was fast that day and still 4th overall, 3rd in TT1) - can you clarify that the contingency is indeed based on each TT class and not the ENTIRE TT class (otherwise it seems like the TT4/5/6 cars will always be out of luck!)



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PS- I went ahead and submitted the form with the TT1 entries highlighted on the official results, so I hope that works.  I really like this program since the faster I go, the more brake pads I seem to go through... thank you for the contingency, Hawk stickers look good on my Vette!

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Corrected "sponsorship" to "contingency"
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  • National Staff

Hi Kaitlin, 

It depends on the regions as we have seen official results posted both ways. The contingency payouts is for every eligible class.  Either way, just as long as you provide the official results in your claim we can verify it quickly. 

Let me know if you have any more questions


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