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VVC in the Virginia region...


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Anyone have any information for 2004 dates? Want to know if I can prep a car and run VIR or Summit Point....


Is there any cars out here (I'm in Virginia Beach)

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You can bet that Nasa Virginia will have dates at both of those tracks. Yes Viper-Vette Challange is also in the VA Region. I attended some events with them. Class Champion.

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What type of run groups did you see at these tracks? Does anyone else from these areas contribute to this board? Where is the best place to get information?


Thanks in advance!

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Frank is in for some real competition in 2004. Sorry Frank! I know of at least 4 Corvettes being built for this series in the OH/IN region, in addition to a few that are coming out (already built). I have no doubt Frank will be up to the competition.



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I'm up for the Competition. All i have to do is get that Stopping Package that i need so i don't have to lift anymore. I'll be able to go into the turns deeper. Looking forward to racing again.

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Bugeater....If you go to NASA.com click on the Virginia Region. They have a schedule on their web site. Yes you can prep a Viper & run at Vir Or Summit Point. I prepped my Viper & ran with both the Va & Ohio Region, Taking the VV series Championship in its inagural season. You will have to join Nasa, Hold a Comp Liscense or go thru their Comp School. I will list the dates at Vir & Summit Point.


Feb 20, 2004 Comp School - Racer Open Practice VIR

Feb 21-22 High Performance Drivers ED & Enduro VIR

May 21 Comp School - Racer Open Practice Summit Point

May 22 - 23 High Performance Drivers ED-Sprint Races

July 10-11 High Performace Driver ED - Sprint Races

July 30 Comp School - Racer Open Practice VIR North

July 31- Aug 1 High Performace Drivers School-Sprint Races VIR North

Sept. 18-19 High Performance Driver School-Sprint Races Summit

Oct 23-24 High Performace Driver School - Sprint Races Summit

Nov 20-21 High Performance Driver Shcool - Sprint Races Summit


I hope this helps you out. If you need to talk about the Viper Vette Challange shoot me an email.

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Thanks a bunch Frank. Are the dates listed as "Sprint Races" the dates the VVC race?


I earned a SCCA comp license this year. Hope it can be used for this requirement in NASA...

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Sprint Races will have the Viper Vette Challange. We do not i repeat do not have our own Race Group. We will run with other Big Bore Classes. Mostly American Iron & American Iron Extreme, and some other classes.


Your SCCA Comp Liscense will usually get you 1 event with the SCCA Liscense. After that I was required to Join Nasa about $35 per year plus get a Comp Racing Liscense. They did accept my SCCA Liscense for this purpose.


You might also want to check out the Oh/In Region. Mid Ohio, Beaver Run,

Nelson's Ledge..Those are usually the tracks i go to with them. With VA i'll do Summit Point, I bag VIR only because i can go to Road Atlanta in the same amount of time, Carolina Motorsports Park.


It should be fun this year. Hopefully more Vipers will come out & Play. Also don't forget to get your car Weighed & Dyno'd. This is a requirement in the rules.

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