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Rule Proposal : Reduction in Engine Swap Restrictions


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GTS rules state that engines must be available from the same manufacturer of the chassis (Porsche/VW engine in Porsche/VW, BMW engine in BMW, etc.).  With the 2020 reduction of limitations placed on displacement, engine type (S54 in GTS2) etc, we haven’t had any issues.  This proposed rule does not need to apply to all classes if there is reason to keep engine swap restrictions in lower classes (GTS1-3), but I see no reason to keep these restrictions in the higher classes (GTS4/5/U).  Many of these cars already have race gearboxes of other manufacturers and custom built race engines.  

I have no data to support this other than the GTS calculator that already accounts for hp and tq values, whichever is higher, and the open engine swap rules of other NASA classes that have not caused reason for change.

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