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Engine questions....slightly confused by the rule set.

David K

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I'm trying to make sure I don't leave anything on the table, so I was wondering if I could get a couple of questions answered..


Looking to build a Mustang and want to understand exactly what engine options I have available.

This gets a little more confusing where it says you can subtract 150# if using an iron block and 50# is AL block.


Which aluminum engines can I run?

If I run an iron block, can I run a dart or FMPP block for instance?

Can I run Aluminum heads?

Since it's a power to weight class, what are the limitations to engine prep?

If I decide to use the Spec Carb formula - what are the benefits?  Do I get to run more power/less weight?

Are all engines limited to 6250 RPM or just the carb spec engine?

If GM guys are allowed LS motors, can I use the Coyote?

Can V6/I4 be run? (although I think not).

Is there absolute minimum weight involved?  Or is it the lowest number in the scale?


Thanks very much.  Sorry for all the questions.


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