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RCR #1 2021


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---1) Name / Region / Car # / Contact Info (email or phone, etc)

Sean Richardson /Texas /15

---2) Rule reference # (ex.- Rule 3.2)

6.32.2 brake master cylinder and booster must be OEM

---3) Recommended Revised Wording (saying make rule 5.4 clearer isnt enough! How would you word it?)

3rd gen Camaro (84 - 92) would be allowed to upgrade to a 4th gen Camaro (93 - 02) brake master cylinder and booster.

—4) Reasoning for change MUST include at least 1 of the following:

---------->a) Will decrease series cost because...

-There are Limited new parts available for the 3rd GEN Camaro. 

-Brake line fittings for the 3rd gen Master cylinder are almost impossible to find.

-Will save money on ordering parts that are not in stock. (4th gen Camaro parts are almost always in stock at parts stores)

- Direct Bolt-on replacement no modifications!

———>b) Will increase driver safety because...

-New parts are much safer, than recondition parts.

-The 3rd GEN master cylinder has a large opening for brake fluid which is unsafe and easily pops off! 

-Must be Tie-wrapped for Safety! 

-The 4th gen master cylinder has a screw on cap, Which is much Safer and much harder to come off under Racing conditions.


-—— Will promote series growth because...

-It’s a necessary upgrades if you have upgrades or are going to upgrade your brakes, the master cylinder does not work well with upgrade calipers

-Will make the 3rd GEN platform more reliable! 

-More parts availability.


It will improve competition because...


-More reliable brakes, less brake fade, ease of parts availability.

-Ease of getting parts local parts stores.

-The 3rd GEN master cylinder is very hard to power bleed because of the large opening. -Where the 4th GEN master cylinder has a screw on lid which is easy to power bleed.



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