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2021 GTS Rules Draft and the Long term plan statement.

Michael G.

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Here you can find the 2021 Rules Draft.

The only two additions are clarifications pertaining the Regional participation of the Non-German Euro marquees and non-German engine swaps and in Section 6.7 - detailing the Dyno protocol for the cars equipped with modern PDK/DCT/DSG gearboxes. All changes marked in red.

No changes to the Ratios or other changes to the Rules were considered.The committee expressed strong intention on keeping the Rules stable and with no changes in the foreseeable future, unless very strong reason arises.

We are also looking for recommendations and suggestions on how to accommodate cars currently falling between GTS 1 and 2 where the largest gap in the ratios exists. Spec Boxter is one of the common examples. Few Regions created de-facto sub class, which works fine, but would be even better if we can find the way to make it Nationally. Please, either comment here or contact your Regional GTS Director with the proposals in the future.

Due to the shortened season we didn't have enough time to test the data collection using the Black Boxes via ECU connection, and will continue this work in the upcoming 2021.

Have a safe rest of the 2020 season!

Michael G.

GTS Nat. Dir.

2021 GTSRulesFINAL copy, gjkR2.1[7201].doc

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