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HPDE4 -> TT Promotion

Kevin F

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Hopefully have two easy questions here: 1) There doesnt seem to be a specific sign off page for HPDE4->TT in the HPDE passport, which page do you need to see in the upload in order to claim that credit? 2) I was planning on volunteering the last weekend of the season (a work/drive day) which will provide me an invoice, but it wont show me as registered for HPDE4; is that an issue for collecting contingency? Thanks



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  • National Staff

Hey @Kevin F

We see a lot of instructors/group leaders just making a note on the passport saying they are good to go for TT. Alternatively, a copy of your TT license app that is approved will work as well. 

Send any invoice that you have and we will review. 

If you still have any questions, DM me and ill get you sorted out with the rewards


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