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ST/TT4 Rear Flare Question


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I'm dealing with getting a TT4 back on track that sustained fairly extensive cosmetic damage to an entire quarter from door edge to trunk and part of the other quarter, it is a 04 Miata not using the BTM Aero provision.

I see the rule says:

8) Rolled or flared fenders (includes add-on flares--only to the extent necessary to cover the tire as viewed from above—not viewed from the front or rear)

Assuming this ( https://www.firefly-speedshop.co.uk/products/mk-2-rear-over-fenders-5-25mm-mx-5-nb ) is laid dead flat on the OEM quarters and riveted on as basically a quarter skin does this go against the TT4 rules?

I suspect that the answer is "not legal", but I figured I'd check since other people have basically told me to rivet OEM sheet metal over the existing metal for the 50/50 rule until the offseason and I can reshell or cut out both quarters.  I'd guess that would also not be legal if the fiberglass alternative isn't, but to me it is worth asking given the amount of time involved.



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Unfortunately, you are correct. Widebody aftermarket fenders are not the same as bolt on fender flares or rolled OEM fenders.

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