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General ST rules question


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I couldn't find the answer to this question in the two rules books that I perused. Assume a given competitor has a car that is legal for multiple ST classes - the class it naturally fits within, plus the classes above that class. Assume also that he runs his car in a given ST class for several events and collects points for that class. If he then moves classes later in the season to one of the other classes for which his car is legal, can he retroactively claim points for the new class from prior races by looking at where his finishing position would have been had he been running the new class in the old races? I think I know the answer, but would like to hear from others or maybe a reference in one of the rule books.

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21.3 Race Finisher
A driver must complete at least half the distance covered by the winning car of his/her class to be considered a race finisher. The car need not be running at the time of the checkered flag to be considered a finisher. A driver has five (5) minutes from the time that the lead car of the race took the checkered flag to complete his/her final lap.

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427R, thanks for that info, but my original post is asking a different question.

My question might be more clear with an example:

Let's say the driver of an ST1-legal car enters in STU for the first five race weekends because the field size and contingency happens to be better in STU at his local track

Let's say he collects STU points each of those weekends and those results and points are posted in the official race results as the year goes along

At the end of the season the driver decides he would have been better off in ST1

Is it within the rules to throw away his STU points and instead claim ST1 points based on a retrospective review of his finishing position relative to the people who were actually entered in ST1 for those early races?

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Based on the CCR Rule-21.3 Race Finisher, I do not believe you can be awarded points for a class that you did not physically race in, individually or as a team.  Racing in multiple classes will get you points in multiple classes, but I do not believe you can consolidate points from multiple classes "by looking at where his finishing position would have been".   I'm not the authority on all of this, Dr. Greenbaum is, this is just my understanding, interpreting the rules.

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This would not be allowed.

Keep in mind, if you did this after the fact, and now you are winning ST1 instead of losing STU, then you won't have done any of the required post session weighing or dynoing that may be required in your region for the podium finishers.  Your ST1 competitors also won't have had the opportunity to protest your car.

Plus, on track, the ST1 competitors probably would just let you past them, since you are STU.  If they knew you were ST1, they would defend the position.

Plus, imagine how much this would screw up contingencies that may or may not have already been collected by you or your competitors.

Soo many reasons why this is not allowed.


The same ideas apply to moving up a class after the fact.

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