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E1 dry-break rule clarification


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The rules for E0 say this:

Quote E0 cars may use a dry break valve (male) Redhead – 1.75” probe with 1.50” hose barb, 1.25” I.D. Bore. Dry break / hose must be attached to a NASA approved 5-gallon container. See appendix A.


Below for E1 we read:


8.3.2. All classes (except ES, ESR, ENP) are prohibited from using any type of “(re)fueling rig” or “quick fill method.” The definition of “(re)fueling rig” or “quick fill method” (for the sake of prohibition) is refueling an E0, E1, E2, E3, ENP, and E3S class vehicle using any of the following items: Fuel containers other than the standard approved* 5-gallon plastic fuel cans, specialized nozzles (aircraft), Non-approved “Dry Breaks” (Nextel Cup / Grand Am), fuel pumps (of any type), ...


This language seems confusing. only mentions E0 directly. And 8.3.2 only seems to prohibit "Non-approved dry breaks". With the one listed in Appendix A presumably being allowed.

Would love a clarification on this:

1. Is the dry-break listed in Appendix A 2.1 allowed for E1?
1. a) If so, can the language in the rules be clarified? :)
1. b) If not, could it be? It seems much safer and less prone to spillage compared to the variety of Home Depot nozzles on display.

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