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World Challenge Pontiac GTO Chassis 003


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Group-A Racing is selling both of its World-Challenge GT GTO's. Full spares packages available including wheels, gearboxes, rear ends, springs, molds for all the body work, Ohlins shocks, Alcon brakes etc. The cars have the Motec system in them also.

This car started running in World Challenge by us and AutoSport Development. Top-5 & Top 10 cars in WCGT driven by Joey Scarallo, Stu Hayner, Dane Moxlow and others.

After its life in World Challenge we entered the car in a few NASA events and obliterated the competition, winning everything, leading every lap, new track records etc. From there we entered the car in a race series reality show called Circuit Battles with the black car. With that we made lots of development improvements to the car such as front splitter, diffuser, rear wing, fender flares, bigger wheels and a new engine from CRD. Again we won essentially everything on that show beating Lou Gioglotti, Factory Nissan Program, Factory K&N program etc.

The car has a brand new engine from CRD in it making 760HP & 650lb of torque! That is not a typo. The engine is brand new with only break in miles.

CRD Engine in World Challenge Spec 750hp/ 650 lb ft torque.
T56 Gearbox FRESH
Ohlins Shocks
Carbon Body Panels
Motec Data
Alcon Brakes
Adjustable traction control
Launch Control
Air Jacks
American Racing Headers

THERE IS TOO MANY SPARES TO LIST. Literally enough spares to build another car. We even have all the molds to make every body panel for these cars.

Motivated to make things happen with these cars, so get in touch to make something happen. So many different packages available with 1 car, 2 cars, molds, no molds, which motors in the car, spares, no spares etc. These are great cars with great history to them and ready to hit the track.

Circuit Battles Sizzle: 

Circuit Battles Fontana Track Record: 

NASA Pocono Pole & Track Record: 

NASA Race Win: 

Jonathan Scarallo















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