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ST3 aero allowances


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  I’m assuming I missed it somewhere in the rules, but I don’t seem information on splitters and diffusers for ST3. 
  I see the allowance for an axle forward front tray. Does someone have a link a rule reference that has all the details?

  Also, just so I understand, there are no aero modifications allowed in reshaping the front fascia, correct? (ie cutting a lower portion of the fascia and recessing backward)

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I don't believe there is specific language on diffusers but I asked Greg G and he indicated that it would be prudent to apply front splitter rules to rear diffuser - i.e width and how far it extends in reference to rear most point of bumper.  Mine extends 8".  I would actually like it shorter but I have the AJ Hartman generic 5-piece and couldn't easily move it more forward.

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On 12/20/2020 at 6:34 AM, Mike W. said:

I have the rules printed out. I just must have glanced over the single line of splitter rules because I was expecting a longer list of rules. 

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Aero in SU, ST1, ST2, and ST3 are pretty much unlimited.  ST4 and higher are where restrictions come in.   The rules basically say devices can't be more than 6" wider than the cars body, and more than 12" extended in the front.    You also can have winglets etc higher than the hood.

There are restrictions to the roof line, rocker panels etc, but I think you are probably talking about wings, splitters, undertrays and winglets/canards


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