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Question about ST4's ECU Rule


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Hi all. Newbie here. I haven't run any TT4 before, and is planning to have some fun in TT4 in 2021. But I got confusion when I read the ECU rule in https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/20305/ST1-4___SU_Rules_2020--v14.2--2-11-20.pdf

Quote from the rule: "Any hardware that allows a competitor or crew member to wirelessly or directly connect to the ECU (or alter ECU maps) at any time during competition or postcompetition impound is strictly prohibited, regardless of whether such hardware is external or internal to the ECU, and regardless of the direction of data flow."

Does that mean we cannot use any non OEM ECU? That doesn't sound right to me.


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No - it just means that you cannot be changing your tune/ecu throughout the competition weekend.

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