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How competitive is the ND2 Miata in TT5?


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So, it's silly season and I'm planning on building a car to compete in TT5.  The Honda S2000 appears to be highly competitive in this class but I'm also looking into other platforms such as the 2019+ ND2 Miata. 

Unfortunately, the ND2 Miata appears to fall in the middle of the weight/power band for TT5.  How competitive are these cars in TT5?

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If you can max out the power/weight ratio, should be competitive.

Other top cars include:  NC miata, BRZ/FRS/GT86, RX8, BMW's, newer civics.

The one downside is that I believe ND miatas take a penalty (altered roofline) when you install a hardtop, since it was not an OEM option, unlike the NC miata, S2000, etc which dont take a penalty.
Obviously, a hardtop is needed to reduce your aero drag.
This may be outdated info though.

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Miata is obviously going to be slightly more reliable, long term.

But, I think the BRZ would be slightly more competitive, all things being equal.  More chassis rigidity (especially if you aren't going to do a full cage), lower engine CG, etc.


We're talking about tiny differences, obviously.

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I have been running a 2019 ND2 Miata Club Sport (Brembo Brakes) in TT5 for about a year now in Southern California. We have a pretty good TT5 field usually of 10 cars or so. 

The ND2 does fit will into TT5 with minimal modification. It is competitive but not dominant. I'm an experienced racer but taking a break and just doing some TT for fun. Although I'm usually the fastest "street" car the best I have done is 2nd. 4th or 5th is common at higher speed tracks as one would expect with a lower horsepower lower weight car. The cars that usually beat me are race cars that have custom tuned motors making flat peak horsepower throughout their usable power range.

I've modified the car with a the Blackbird Fabworx roll bar (sturdy but adds probably 40lbs), Motion Control single adjustable suspension, APR rear wing and Hoosier R7 225/40-17. With exhaust and a tune I do 172hp at the rear wheels. 2300lbs without driver and 1/3 tank of gas. I think my competition spec is 163 average HP with 2521 minimum weight.

Most importantly the car is a joy to drive. I would say it has been reliable except that it is plagued with an ongoing throttle body position related limp mode. Fortunately it rarely happens on track and can usually be reset. Dealer so far has replaced the throttle body but that didn't fix it for long.

I have diff, engine and transmission coolers but I have not installed them as I don't so summer events and have not felt the car needs it at all for 20 minute sessions. Just extra weight and complexity... until someday it becomes an actual race car :)

- John



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