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Hot Pit Passes

Destinee Kinsey

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Destinee Kinsey

Hello Everyone!! 

Few questions here... 

What is the definition of Hot Pit Passes? 

Where is the Hot Pit Pass boundary? 

Do we as drivers get Hot Pit Passes for our crew/family members? If yes, how many? 

We have rented a yellow premium garage, is this space included the the hot pit area? 


Thanks, Destinee 

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  • National Staff
Marie A.

I know I spoke with you over the phone but I want to clarify here in case anyone else has the same question.

2 crew bands come with each paid entry. You can purchase additional crew passes if needed on the registration site. Crew passes are only needed in the hot pit. This might be for folks working on your car, taking tire pressures, etc. on the pit lane of the track. Access to garages and paddock space do not need crew passes. General spectator entry (free) will be acceptable everywhere except pit lane.  

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