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72k kilometers
41k miles

Forest Green, Clean interior - zero wear on the leather. Stock suspension and engine, except an open exhaust. Not super loud considering the little turbo behind the 667 engine. Small, but a blast to drive. Double wishbone suspension. Working AC, converted to 134a.

Only upgrade is the open exhaust, but I still have the OE muffler.


Fits in any garage!
Light weight, keeps up with any real car on a twisty road.
Gained at least 5hp with the open exhaust, on a car this small it's noticeable.
Legally registered with a clean IL title. All the hard work, translation, and fees are paid.
Stateside, buy with confidence. No worrying about buying overseas at auction.

Odometer works, but the speedo stopped working. It was wildly inaccurate when I first bought it, but now it hovers just above zero. I included a video of the odometer working on the road. I assume the same shop that rebuilt my BMW e30 speedo 15 years ago can rebuild the plastic gears inside.
Dent in RF fender. When it came off the boat there was dent. Local body shop estimated $500-600 to fix it and match the paint. I tried to cover it with a sticker bomb decal. I think it fits character of the car. I nick-named it Sakamoto after the Initial D character who drove a Cappuccino.

I'll include more pics as I take them. I don't pull it out of the garage much.










Odometer works but speedo reads zero.


loudes13 yahoo email
four 8 zero 4 five 8 eight 0 five 8

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