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Family members wanting to RV camp at the event

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Captain Awesome

I have a few family members that would like to attend. They want to bring RV's and camp at the track next to the RV spot I already paid for. Do I just need to reserve additional RV spots or do i also need to buy additional crew passes as well?


Also, how do crew passes work. Are they for actual crew to be allowed to touch my car, or are they just an alternative to a spectator entry fee?

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Marie A.

You family members are welcome to camp in RV's just make sure you have paid through registration for each space your family is going to use. So if you only bought two spaces for yourself and now you need two more for family, simply hop back on the reg page and buy the additional spaces. 

Crew passes are only needed for folks who need access to the hot pit to work on the car, take tire temps/pressures, etc. If they will only be in the paddock/garages they do not need crew bands. They will stop by the NASA registration trailer on their way in to the facility to sign the wavier and get their free spectator wristband. They will just need to reference your name/team. 

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