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SPORTS RACER $6000 + TRAILER $2000 + WEBERS $800 + ECU $200


Let’s face it – Track Days are fun.  But one mistake and you could be walking home with a big tow and repair bill.  But, if you buy this package and tow to the track, you’ll have a really, really, fun car.  With your seat only inches above the track, the sensation is-- to say the least–exhilarating.  It is a purpose-built race car -- not a modified production car.  It is configured like a formula car with an open center cockpit, but with a full sports car body.  It has a gorgeous livery of bright white with a unique super-wide black stripe and a hint of reflective red trim plus contrasting rondels with reusable numbers (1, 6, & 7).

The car is located in Fort Walton Beach, FL (the NW Panhandle). Car is in "Near-Ready to Track-it" condition.  You could just install the battery, check the fuel, strap in and GO. (Needs normal pre-track preparations).  To answer the question “Why am I selling?” I am building another race car (virtually from the chassis-up) and “she” demands a lot of time and attention these days.

VALUE:  Combining low initial cost (see comparison chart below) and lower operational cost, this car makes your track days very economical to enjoy.   For example, the TOYO R888 tires get two to three times the wear of spec slicks, at a cost of only a few seconds per lap.  And by using off-the-shelf race parts, you can avoid the mark-up associated with buying “spec” items too (brake pads, shocks, tires, etc.).   SEE THE CHART BELOW FOR COST COMPARISON - note it is lighter than a Spec Miata, cheaper to run, and better weight to power!  And no risk to your daily driver on track!  Think of it as an “insurance policy.”


 Also available is a custom built low-boy trailer that, when included with the car, is available for $2000 (see photos).  Includes 12v battery and winch, storage box, and tie downs.



CHASSIS                              #123

WHEELBASE                        92 in (2,337 mm) wheelbase
WEIGHT                               1216 pounds (less driver)
FRONT/REAR BALANCE     45%/55% (less driver)
LEFT/RIGHT BALANCE       49/6%/50.4%
TRACK - FRONT                  57.4 in
TRACK - REAR                    57.0 in
LENGTH OVERALL             127 in (3225mm) Shortened length - not "Spec."
FUEL                                     ETHANOL FREE 96 octane (or run with 106)
TOP SPEED                         135 mph (EST)

SAFETY   All Safety items all in compliance:   
Belts re-webbed - good until June 2022
Fire bottle "in the green"
Master Cut-off and Fire pulls
Tow using roll bar - no TOW fitting/Straps required.
Rollbar/cage meets Spec (Tall-man Hoop)

MULTI-CLASS:    In addition to Track Days, when you are ready to try your hand ar racing, this little car is legal in Super Production Under (2.5L) in SEDiv can run in B-Mod Autocross.  It is pre-wired for lighting, including turn signals [would need a bit of work to fabricate and install light buckets].  It might even be licensed as a kit car in some locales. 

AERO MODIFICATIONS:  Overall, the vehicle is in really good condition.  It has been a test bed to evaluate many aerodynamic concepts, and some chassis and bodywork modifications have been made. Here is a partial list:

Body has many modifications to improve aerodynamics and handling.
Nose shortened and re-shaped.
Radiator airbox sealed [Eliminates airflow through chassis/wheel wells]
Fiberglass splitter and air dam [Downforce enhancements/can mix and match]
Front wheel well trim tabs added (spats) [Improve airflow around wheels]
Wheel "air curtains" added to front chassis [direct airflow to tunnels]
Side pod tunnels [outstanding downforce enhancement!]
Fender louvers – all four corners [Relieve under body pressure and decrease lift]  
Rear facia "parachute" is removed and the tail shortened [Major drag reduction]              

ENGINE MODIFICATIONS FOR POWER/PERFORMANCE:   The car was originally a Spec Racer RENAULT.  It is SN 123, and there are many historical documents and manuals included.  It retains its RENAULT heritage, but has had many engine modifications.  NOTE:  There has been limited engine run-time since these modifications.  No actual track time – or DYNO results -- but healthy and fresh.

Estimate 115-125HP -- less than two hours engine time since modifications
RENAULT 1.7L engine with 2.0L cylinder head
Race grind camshaft (ELGIN Cams)
Increased size Intake/exhaust valves (Burton Valves U.K.)
Camshaft timing with adjustable cam pulley (C.A.T. Products)
Lightened flywheel (shaved 3 pounds)
Stage 3 racing clutch
Crank trigger installed (2020)
New radiator (end of season 2019)
Dual radiator fans (2019)
Starter rebuild 2019
New Fuel Cell 2017


Custom built - head-surround ready to mount.
Five point quick release harness re-webbed in 2020 (HANS compatible)
Front/rear brake pressure gauges (really know your front/read adjustments)
Full fuse block setup. (Facilitates easy electrical modifications)
Switch panel installed for camera, radios, data, radiator fans, Cool suit
GPS digital speedometer
Battery/bus voltage digital display
Pre-wired for street requirements (Kit car class) headlight/taillights/signals/horn
Battery relocated to improve cross-weight balance.
Oil filter remote mounted - improved access (fewer spills when changing)
Larger (oversize) dashboard (Spare blanks included)


Four @440-pound digital scales suitable for chassis setup
Two chassis stands for set up and maintenance (just add rollers for ease of positioning)
Inclinometer (for rake adjustment/spoiler setting)
Tire pressure gauge, durometer


SPARE PARTS INCLUDED:  I offer the car with a comprehensive list of spares and some interesting options (below).  Price is $6000 in its basic configuration.  This BASE PRICE includes these spares and many items not typically included, see BONUS ITEMS. 

Set of four (steel) wheels (with limited-life Goodyear slicks mounted)
Five-speed RENAULT transmission
Ready to install freshly rebuilt 1.7L cylinder head
2nd spare 1.7L head (ready for rebuild)
Spare 2.0L head – just removed for the upgrades completed on engine.  Upgraded head installed on engine.
Spare stock flywheel and clutch
Spare alternator “loss-less configuration” [won't charge battery - but gain some HP]
Spare exhaust manifold – to build larger diameter headers to add more HP
Four brake calipers (ready for rebuild--parts included) one set of HAWK brake pads
Two spare uprights (1 needs new bearing)
Four Koni dampers (can be re-valved)
Two RENIX ignition modules (RENAULT/Bendix Traditional system) and distributor caps           
Numerous gaskets, manuals, miscellaneous bits and pieces

BONUS ITEMS (Included with Purchase):

Spare 2.0L block--may require some deck work (crank, pistons all good)
Snap-on red Sunbrella cockpit cover for transport/rainy days
Naugahyde storage cover (some repairs – but fully functional)
RENAULT banner for track
RENAULT patches for your suit

OPTIONS:  Optional items priced below can be purchased to suit your desires.  (My engine builder estimated these items could push horsepower to 140). 

$800.00 custom-built intake manifold and two 40 DCOE WEBER carbs
WEBER DCOE jets and manual included
NOTE: using the WEBER DCOEs will require some rear deck bodywork modification
$200.00 electronic ignition – INCLUDING Coil Over plug high energy ignition

All totaled up, under $10K, and you’re on the way to the track!

Provided with Bill of Sale only, Logbook, manuals, and other documents.  No warranty expressed or implied.  Sold As-is/Where Is. Cash or PayPal only.

Thanks for looking!  Hope to see you on the track.  Thanks, Jim





Rear View.jpg


PYROTECT 2022.jpg

modified head.jpg

side view aero mods.jpg

target weights.jpg


pre track.jpg


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