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Ford Contingency - Two Events for One Day?


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Recent weekend @ Autobahn Country Club in Spec Iron - result was P2 on Saturday and P1 *twice* i.e. both races on Sunday. Question is that the Ford Contingency Program details say the following:

Regional Competition: Maximum of (2) awards per event per driver.

In other words, doesn't say they have to be different days (unlike Toyo for example). Can you confirm that I can submit two claims for P1 based on Sunday's results or is it max one race per day / two races per weekend?

Thanks :-)

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Thanks ... I wanted to be sure as in 2019 I submitted a contingency for the first race of a two race Sunday but for some reason Ford disqualified that (particularly painful as it was my only win!) saying only the second race of the day counted - glad you can confirm the rules now have both races in a day eligible for contingency but max 2 races/weeked

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