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Acura Integra GSR in ST6 Eligibility using B16 head and Intake?


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Hello all first post for me so hopefully this is the correct place to pose the question.

Pretty simple question. 

I want to run My Acura Integra GSR in ST6. It currently has a B16 intake and head on it. The GSR is legal in ST6 As per Appendix "C" but I'm wondering if the  Combination of the B16 Head and intake are legal on the GSR bottom end ? Car makes 149hp at the Wheels and weighs 2600 lbs with my 300 pound ass in the seat.

I'm running the car In Alberta Canada, with WCMA under NASA rulres

Thanks In Advance


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Does anyone read this fourm?

Could someone let me know who I should speak with to get an answer on my car please. Is there an ST6 class rep ? Thanks again.

I'm racing this weekend so I was hoping to hear something before the weekend if possible. I can still register in st6 but will have to forfeit the points and Championship if it turns out that my car does not comply with the rules. 


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  • National Staff

Hi Sean,

I suppose it depends on the vehicle that the B16 head comes from.  Is it a vehicle that is otherwise eligible for ST6?

"3) Engine and head swaps are permitted, but the donor vehicle must be a model eligible to
compete in ST5 for an ST5 vehicle, and ST6 for an ST6 vehicle."

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