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Windshield on open car


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I have been reading the CCR and can't tell if you can run an open car with a windshield and what the requirements are.


I am just finishing up a Factory Five Challenge car but will run SU because of a significantly enhansed power train.


I woud like to run with a full windshield but am not sure I can do it.


The FFR challenge cars run with shortie windscreens. Since I am also using the car on the street I would like to run with a full windshield.


I expect I need to replace the tempered glass with lexan ?


Any help would be appreciated.


I am in the Boston area and I don't know of any tech inspectors aroud here to ask ?





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I don't know what the FFR reg's require in regards to the windshield but in SU tempered glass or lexan is fine...


If you're driving the car on the street you obviously want the glass to be DOT to satisfy the code enforcement.



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