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Newbie car selection help


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Hi Guys, I'm trying to find a race car with the following criteria:
1)fast as possible and fun to drive
2) could be entered in both NASA and SCCA events
3) would have a decent number of competitors in both Colorado and California regions
4) relatively inexpensive to run
So far I've only found the following vehicles:
Spec Miata
Spec Racer Ford(issue is it is a SCCA spec, where would it run in NASA?)
Honda S2000
Is there anything I'm missing?
We're not really interested in any of the small cars, Fiestas, Scions etc, American muscle or vintage cars like triumphs etc
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Look at the past and current events around where you live, and look at car counts.  That's the most important thing.  Find a class that is well attended and supported that you are interested in; and go from there.  Miatas, Hondas, BMWs, and a few others all have multiple options with popular classes.  And you can always run TT or ST in NASA when you don't "fit in" well with another class rules.

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