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Should there be a Penalty for Severe Detuning or Throttle Body Manipulation?


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With Nationals coming up It seems a lot of people are loading the "Flat Tunes" and dropping a class and in some cases 2 classes. My question is with NASA only looking at the AVG WHP calculations for classes.  Is it really fair to NOT have a penalty for cars that have been Severely Detuned? Many using methods such as Throttle Body manipulation. Which in all reality is really just a Moving Restrictor plate. How is this considered to be fair? Spec Class rules are very strict on restricted plate rules yet in ST/TT rules,  programming your Throttle body to Close or "restrict" after a certain RPM in order hold a flat HP line and allow torque to be, in some cases, double what the Peak WHP is on a NA engine???

I have seen in other Racing Groups Penalties have been added as they have seen how it can ruin the fairness and competitive nature of Racing and Time Trial.

There are penalties for almost anything else, case in point the Treadwear rating of a tire, which we all know the TW Rating is B*** S***, especially with "Hoosier" coming out with a "STREET" Tire. Its just  a made up number similar to the Width of a tire. Which is the reason we now have Tire Measurement tools.

At Track days all over the US more and more cars or showing up and taking track records with Dyno graphs that look much less like an actual Dyno Sheet and more like that the Hill you were afraid of sledding down as a kid. 

Just would like to open a discussion on this. And here peoples thoughts.

I'm curious to see how this will all play out at Nationals. Especially with it being at Daytona.

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