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2022 Rules Changes Proposals Submission Period is Closed.

Michael Gershanok

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The Period for Submission of the Proposals for the changes in NASA GTS Rules for the 2022 season is now Open!

Please, note - each proposal must be made as a new thread here at GTS Forum with the "Rule proposal" heading and brief summary in the subject line, followed by the detailed content in the body of the message space. It is highly advised to provide following when submitting:

1. The proposed addition or change.

2. The reason behind the proposal.

3. Amy documentation, data or analysis supporting the request.

4. Proposals must be made by GTS drivers. Please, list Name, Region and Class.

The discussions will only be held here on the GTS Forum.

The Period of the submissions of the proposals will be open for 3 weeks - till October 15th, 2021. The committee of the Regional GTS Leaders will consider and discuss the proposals and will publish the draft before the end of October.

Our goal is to keep the Rule set as stable as possible. We are not planning to change any class ratios.

But, as we stated in our "Long term plans" in the last few years (refer to the past topics on the same Forum), we will be moving towards mandating the AIM on board data devices.

The general time frame and the framework of the implementation will be as such - all GTS cars participating in the next 2022 NASA National Championships must have AIM data device (either wired, permanently installed or SOLO2 DL at minimum). If the car is not equipped with data box - those will be available for rent similar to the way we offer AMB transponders for rent. Beginning for the season of 2023 we are planning to mandate all GTS cars to be equipped with the AIM unit of your choice (not less than SOLO 2 DL)

The download channels, parameters and protocols will be discussed later.

The use of the Data devices will allow us to remove all CC restrictions currently listed in the Rules. We are strongly considering to remove all restrictions as early as for the upcoming 2022 season (technically, even before mandating the boxes goes into effect), during which time we will continue to use AIM units currently available for the compliance, and allow ample time for the drivers to plan for the season of 2023 to equip cars with their own units.

Thank you in advance for your input and participation.


Michael Gershanok,

GTS Nat. Dir.

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