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2021 RCR's for the 2022 Season

Al Watson

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Current RCRs:


- add 'driveshaft' to 7.3.c trans fitment allowance

- remove This bracing may not pass through the shock tower and must not form the upper mounting
point for an aftermarket SLA system as the SLA must still remain within the original shock
 from aix 5.12

- add any devices that can adj hp to be located in engine bay only, not in cockpit?

- change dyno requirements to 2 years if no changes

- update any trans and traction control to aix to go with new 5:1 rule

- SI 7.12 allow evap parts removal


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Current list of RCRS:

Spec Iron

RCR-SI-060721    add track width measure procedure - update like AI
RCR-SI-060821    allow evap system removal to 7.12
RCR-SI-100721    allow any oil pump and sys mods?
RCR-SI-100821    allow any motor mounts
RCR-SI-100921    allow internal fuel tank mods, fuel mat?
RCR-SI-101021    update track measure procedure, same as above.
RCR-SI-101321    allow bronze shift fork pads
RCR-SI-101421    remove 53.5% front weight rule

American Iron
RCR-AI-101421    allow any irs in any year car, same parent company

American Iron Extreme
RCR-AIX-022021    remove 'shock tower' from 5.12 keep in 7.3.2, clarification
RCR-AIX-031221    add 'driveshaft clearance' to 7.3
RCR-AIX-092021    allow any trans and traction control (I forgot last year)
RCR-ALL-040421    update dynos to every two years?
RCR-ALL-092621    update 'non adj hp during competition' rule to be clearer, not in cockpit, ??

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