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The state of Spec3 - October 2021


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Hello all! I figure some folks may browse here and don't read our Facebook discussion group. I wanted to drop some key statistics to track the growth of the class.

2021 has really been a milestone season for Spec3 with record fields and completely unprecedented interest in the class. The cars are faster than ever and just as affordable, but now we also have a lot of momentum. 

We had 15+ different drivers race in Mid Atlantic this year with a per event average of ~10 racers. We also have 3 completely prepped Spec3 cars in HPDE in Mid Atlantic and at least 7 NEW builds in the works for next season on top of that from licensed racers and HPDErs. To sum that up, we are looking at 20+ Spec3s hopefully in mid atlantic next season.

On top of that, we are getting growth in the South East! By my count, we have at least 7 Spec3s built or being built in the South East region with interest showing no signs of stopping. 

What's next? We have folks who are expressing interest in the NorthEast region, Mid South, Great Lakes, Texas, and California. It will be very interesting to see which region is the one to follow Southeast's lead and explode in popularity. 

These are really exciting times for NASA Spec3! 

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An update here.


NASA MA has 15+ Licensed Spec3 Racers and 5+ folks in HPDE

NASA SE has 5 Licensed Racers and ~ 7 Spec3 Hopefuls building cars and/or in HPDE

NASA NE has one licensed Racer coming in in August with another starting with the 2023 season and many more considering joining the class as well as several Pennsylvania residents who currently race with MA who can and will run Northeast events when the class takes off

NASA FL Has one complete Spec3 that hasn't raced in a while and 2 more people building cars

NASA UTAH Has its first Spec3 build starting now

There is interest in NASA Texas, Mid South, and both California regions as well. Tremendous growth! 

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We have kicked off NASA SoCal as well. We have some licensed racers building cars and several in various stages of HPDE. 

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