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Spec3 Parts List with prices! Work in Progress!


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If you want to build a Spec3 (who doesn't?!?!), this parts list should give you an easy solution to just click through and buy every part you need. 


This is a work in progress and we are still fine tuning it. This, coupled with the Constructor's guide, should make it very easy to get your build started and completed in no time! 

Last updated 10/8/21

Part Quantity Part Number Parts Link Price
Spec3 Full Suspension Kit        
Front Sway Bar 1 70824 https://www.bimmerworld.com/H-R-Sway-Bar-E36-M3-Front.html $254.99
Rear Sway Bar 1 71824 https://www.bimmerworld.com/H-R-Sway-Bar-E36-M3-Rear.html $254.99
Front Struts 2 8641 1342SPORT https://www.bimmerworld.com/KONI-Sport-Adjustable-Shock-Front-E36-M3-cut-a-strut.html?fbclid=IwAR1VUscneuybaSSgJnQ_PyOQGEgbuBmI7LJcKWcKZAkgM4bMBiUzfbSNkOI 436.48
Rear Shocks 2 8240 1115SPORT https://www.bimmerworld.com/KONI-Sport-Adjustable-Shock-Rear-E36-318i-325i-328i-M3.html 312.48
Camber Plates 1 vorshlag-camber-plate-and-perch-kit-for-spec3 https://vorshlag-store.com/products/vorshlag-camber-plate-and-perch-kit-for-spec3?_pos=1&_sid=611d7db9f&_ss=r 529
RTAB Limiters 1 Many options available BMW Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Limiters - E36, E46, Z4 - AKG Motorsport 40
RTABs 2 33-32-6-770-817 https://www.bimmerworld.com/Rear-Trailing-Arm-Bushing-RTAB-OEM-Rubber-E36-E46-Z4-BMW-33322228153.html 37.98
Front control arm left 1 31 12 2 228 461.Genuine https://www.bimmerworld.com/E36-M3-MZ3-96-Front-Control-Arm-Left-Side.html 279.99
Front Control arm right 1 31 12 2 228 462.Genuine https://www.bimmerworld.com/E36-M3-MZ3-96-Front-Control-Arm-Right-Side.html 279.99
If buying used arms (recommended), press the following ball joints in to refresh the arm. YOU MUST USE THE LEMFORDER E30 M3 PART AS ALL OTHERS ARE NOT HEAT TREATED
Outer Ball Joint 2 31121126254 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-ball-joint-front-outer-31121126254l Optional
Inner Ball Joint 2 31121126253 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-front-inner-ball-joint-e30-lemforder-31121126253l Optional
Front strut housing left 1 31-31-2-228-007 recommend buying a used set from junkyard or online seller $50
Front strut housing right 1 31-31-2-228-008 recommend buying a used set from junkyard or online seller $50
Springs 4 Spec Part www.rrtautomotive.com 703-661-4222 or [email protected] 299
Rear outer lower Ball Joints
(replaces stock non M BUSHING)
2 stock m3 33326775551 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-trailing-arm-ball-joint-e36-e46-33326775551 58.98
Rear outer upper ball joint 2 stock m3 33326775551 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-trailing-arm-ball-joint-e36-e46-33326775551 58.98
Rear inner lower ball joint 2 stock m3 33326770824l https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-control-arm-bushing-rear-lower-inner-oem-33326770824l 14.98
Rear inner upper ball joint 2 stock m3 33321092247 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-control-arm-bushing-rear-upper-e36-e46-oem-33321092247 19.18
Rear shock mount 2 STOCK https://www.bimmerworld.com/Rear-Shock-Mounts-RSM-OEM-Standard-E36-E36-E46-Z3-Z4-Pair-BMW-33521137972.html 21.98
Premium Race Studs 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/BimmerWorld-Black-92mm-Race-Premium-5-Lug-Wheel-Stud-Package.html 244.8
Front Control Arm Bushings 1 e36 m3 stock bushing BMW Control Arm Bushing Kit - Lemforder 31129069035 | FCP Euro 39
Subframe Bushings 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/powerflex-subframe-bushings-complete-kit-E36-M3-325i-328i-323i.html 215.98
Engine Mounts   Many options available BMW Motor Mounts, Poly 75D - E36, E46, Z3, Z4 - AKG Motorsport Optional
Transmission Mounts   Many options available - E46 M3 OEM upgrade option shown BMW Transmission Mount - Genuine BMW 23711109173 | FCP Euro Optional
3.15 LSD   Recommend LSD rebuild. Danville Diffs - BMW Differential, REM Gear Polishing 300
Differential Bushings   Many options available BMW Differential Bushing FRONT 14mm, Aluminum - E36 - AKG Motorsport OR
Engine Management        
ECU Chip 1 217.12.536.0003 https://www.bimmerworld.com/Spec3-Performance-Chip-by-Epic-Motorsports_2.html 200
K&N Air Filter 1 33-2070 1994 BMW 325iS 2.5L L6 Gas (knfilters.com) 50
Spec3 Chassis Reinforcement Kit        
Subframe reinforcement 1 Many options available https://www.akgmotorsport.com/product/rear-subframe-reinforcement-plates-e36/ 129.99
Rear Shock reinforcement 1 Many options available https://www.akgmotorsport.com/product/rear-shock-mount-reinforcement-set-e30-e36-e46-z3/ 20.99
Rear sway bar reinformcent 1 Many options available https://www.akgmotorsport.com/product/rear-sway-bar-reinforcement-plates-bmw-e36/ 39.99
RTAB reinforcement 1 Many options available https://www.akgmotorsport.com/product/rear-trailing-arm-reinforcement-plates-e36/ 49.99
Front Subframe reinforcement 1 Many options available https://www.akgmotorsport.com/product/front-subframe-engine-mount-reinforcement-plates-e36/ 19.99
Front strut tower reinformcent 2 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/Front-Strut-Tower-Reinforcement-Plates-E36.html 33.98
X brace kit 1 OEM Part https://www.bimmerworld.com/BMW-Motorsport-E36-3-Series-Z3-X-Brace-Kit.html Optional
Oil Pan Kit        
Drilled Oil Pump nut 1 driver choice - optional https://www.bimmerworld.com/M50-Drilled-Oil-Pump-Nut_2.html optional
Baffle 1 driver choice - optional https://www.bimmerworld.com/Engine/BMW-Oil-System/Oil-Pan-Baffle-E36-Z3-6-Cyl-All-M50-M52-S50-S52.html optional
Gasket 1 driver choice - optional https://www.bimmerworld.com/Engine/Gaskets/Oil-Pan-Gasket-11-13-1-437-237.html Optional
Magnetic Drain Plug 1 driver choice - optional https://www.bimmerworld.com/Magnetic-Oil-Drain-Plug.html Optional
Spec 3 Cooling System Kit        
Water pump 1 Many options available https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-water-pump-emp-stewart-888010330 195
Aluminum Radiator 1 Many options available BMW Aluminum Radiator - Mishimoto MMRAD-E36-92 | FCP Euro 290
Fan 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/SPAL-16-Low-Profile-Fan-Push-Straight.html 81.35
Water pump nut 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/Water-Pump-Shaft-Nut.html Optional
Spec3 Brake Kit        
Front DTC-60 1 Spec part HB136G.690 | Hawk Performance 228.89
Rear DTC-60 1 Spec part HB227G.630 | Hawk Performance 216.89
Front Rotors 2 Many options available BMW Brake Disc - ATE 34116864060 | FCP Euro 111.98
Rear Rotor 2 Many options available BMW Brake Disc - ATE 34216794305 | FCP Euro 71.98
Stainless brake lines 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/BimmerWorld-E36-6-Line-Stainless-Steel-Brake-Line-Kit.html Optional
Fiberglass headlight intake     https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-E36-Headlight-Air-Duct-Insert-For-Spec3/284060071541 optional
Aero Appearance Kit        
M3 bumper     https://www.bimmerworld.com/E36-M3-Style-Front-Bumper-Spoiler-Kit-1992-1999-318i-325i-328i.html Optional
SSI Undertray     https://www.bimmerworld.com/Body-Aero/Front-Spoilers/SSI-Stealth-Underpanel-E36-3-Series.html Optional
Racing Seat 1 Many options available OMP RS-PT2 Fiberglass Racing Seat – OG Racing $789.00
6 point harness 1 Many options available Sparco FIA 6-Point Racing Harness - Steel, Pull-Up Lap Adjusters – OG Racing 299
Fire System 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/Lifeline-Fire-Marshal-4-0-ltr-Steel-AFFF-Extinguisher-System.html 400
Rain Light 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/Lifeline-FIA-Approved-LED-Rain-Light.html 150
17x8.5 wheels 4 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/BimmerWorld-TA5R-17x85-5120-Wheel-Set-E36-E46-F3X-E60-Z3-Z4.html 1000
235/40/17 Toyo RR 4 Spec Part https://www.bimmerworld.com/Toyo-RR-Race-Tires.html 1000
Seat Adapters 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/BimmerWorld-Billet-Aluminum-Seat-Floor-Mount-Adapters.html 190
Side mount brackets 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/OMP-Steel-Seat-Side-Mount-Set-Low.html 70
Roll bar padding 3 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/SFI-Spec-Hi-Energy-Cage-Padding.html 53.97
Steering wheel hub 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/OMP-Steering-Wheel-Hub-Adaptor-E36.html optional
Steering Wheel 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/OMP-WRC-Steering-Wheel.html optional
Brass Caliper Bushings 2 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/Brakes/Caliper-Parts/BimmerWorld-Solid-Brake-Guide-Kit-Most-ATE-Calipers.html Optional
Clutch Stop 1 Many options available https://www.bimmerworld.com/BimmerWorld-Junior-Puck-Clutch-Stop.html Optional
6 Pole Kill Switch 1 Many options available https://www.ogracing.com/products/battery-6-pole-killswitch?_pos=1&_sid=92373c78a&_ss=r 45
Window Net 1 Many options available https://www.ogracing.com/products/g-force-window-net-ribbon-style?variant=31776320061506 25
Window Net Kit 1 Many options available https://www.ogracing.com/products/joes-racing-products-window-net-mounting-kit-2?_pos=3&_sid=99909763f&_ss=r 100
Center Net 1 Many options available https://www.ogracing.com/products/g-force-driver-side-net?_pos=2&_sid=eab4b9126&_ss=r 100
Tow Hooks 2 Many options available https://www.akgmotorsport.com/product/motorsport-racing-tow-hook-set-aluminum-e36-m3/ Optional
NON BW Parts        
Heater Core Delete Panel 1   https://www.hardmotorsport.com/hard-motorsport-firewall-hvac-block-off-plate-bmw-e36/ Optional
Spec3 Exhaust 1   Mitchum Enterprises Richmond, VA (804) 402 1239; [email protected] 300
Total       10191.77
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