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Bug in ST4 compliance calculator


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The rules state in 6.5.1 (2): Any "Adjusted Weight/Power Ratio" calculation ending in ".995" (xx.995) or greater will be rounded up to the benefit of the competitor.

If you enter ST4, 2454 lbs, 266mm tires or smaller, and a -0.2 additional mod factor, the calculator says the declared power is 207 with a total mod factor of 0.2.

However, 2454 / 208 (not 207) = 11.798.  Add the 0.2 total mod factor gives you 11.998, which should round up to 12.

Small bug I know...

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  • National Staff

That would factor in if we had to calculate an Adjusted Wt/HP Ratio in tech.  For the calculator, just add one more pound of weight, and it gives you the 208 HP.

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