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ST2/TT2 Eligibility


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Just looking for clarification. Page 28 of the 2021 ST rules, in regards to the NP01, states that:

"The NASA NP01, as driven in the NASA NP race series, compliant with all NP series rules,
including tires (Toyo 235 x 17 RR), sealed motor, minimum Competition Weight 1725 lbs., is permitted to compete in the Super Touring 2 class (ST2) regardless of the Adjusted Weight/Power Ratio, as long as the post-competition Dyno Avg HP is 169 rwhp or less."

1. My understanding is that the spec tire for the series is the Hoosier now, not the Toyo, is this just a misprint?  So if running a 100% spec NP01 Evo, does it get still auto-classified as ST2/TT2 with the Hoosiers? Would I still need to submit the classification form to the database or is that going to be a region specific question?  There are 4 of us in our region looking at ordering NP01s, and just want to be clear what classes we can run in addition to NP01 spec. 

Admin, If this needs to be moved to the ST forum please let me know.             

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