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What would it take to get a NASA iRacing League or Region set up?


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I'm willing to help or assist in anyway. I'm sure if we get enough people to assist and run it, I know a few people that would. Then have all the regions advertise it would be great. I think It could benefit NASA as a whole.

* Gain new members

* Start another Stream of Revenue

* Be used to help beginners that have rigs to practice before their track days.

* Convert Esport racing enthusiasts to Real trackday members.

* Coaching from NASA Instructors

* ETC.  

Feel free to reach out.

[email protected]

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On 10/14/2021 at 9:20 AM, TaylorGoesFast said:

There certainly would be no shortage of racers for this. 

I completely agree. Im trying to help get something Official Started. 

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