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Something like nine years ago I bought a car that had been run in TTC for a season; it has a 2010 Tech sticker. I had intended to run it in CMC but the cage is a mix of 1.75" and some... 1.55" I think -- significantly thicker wall than required but I don't recall exact measurements -- I've measured it a few times and I'm pretty certain the tube specs work under 3000lbs.

I'd like to run it this year. I'm nearly certain CMC is not on the table without major changes to the cage, and I have another nicer roller that I would as soon put that effort into. American Iron I suppose is an option if you ignore the AI Rules calling out a strong preference for 1.75" cages no matter the car weight. I've got some AFR heads on the bench, with a few dollars I might be able to go up to that power. I believe I saw that ST3 was pretty sparse recently in this area. Maybe ST4 is an option; I might be able to slot into that power wise without many changes. The car currently has the GT40 topend but a factory GT cam.

The car is a little ratty with many years of barn dirt from sitting; AI feels like a stretch but I'm not particularly concerned about being competitive at the moment. Any thoughts?

Also, as a sanity check, the horizontal "harness" bar bends out behind the main hoop and does not intersect the diagonal; I assume it's safe to say the only option is to replace it and make it intersect? I could imagine gussets connecting the two but I don't see any room for it in the CCR language.



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Oops- It was in TTC
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