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2022 ST/TT Car Classification Form is Live

Roman V.

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We have updated the ST/TT Car Classification Form to reflect all the 2022 season rules.

You will need to submit a new car classification form for 2022 competition season. Once you have submitted your car classification form, it will appear under your specified region. It might take up to 10 minutes for the system to process the request. You will also receive an email with the PDF version of the form which you can print and give to your ST/TT leader along with your Dyno compliance paperwork.

Important points to remember regarding the classification form and Dyno reports:

1. The form only asks for Minimum Competition Weight input. The Max Average Horsepower (Max Avg HP) is calculated automatically based on the class selection and the Total Mod Factor. This is done to get you as close as possible for the class' Weight/Power ratio. The Declared Max Avg HP is always rounded down. This way the calculations are always in compliance.

2. The form might recommend a lower weight for the targeted Max Avg HP because the calculations round down the Declared Max Avg HP. Please note that the Recommended Minimum Competition Weight does not account for the weight factor change or ST4 tire limitations in the final calculation. So if you are on the borderline, the Recommended Minimum Competition Weight, if used, will change your Declared Max Avg HP.

3. Each submission will have its own folder with all the uploaded documents in the Airtable. Each time you edit form, new attachments and a new form will be uploaded to the Compliance Docs folder. Everything is time-stamped. One folder will contain all the current and past submissions for your car.

4. The latest ST/TT form for your submission is linked in the new column called "Latest Form" in the Airtable.

5. Certified Dyno reports are potentially valid for up to a maximum of three years (provided that no changes have been made to the vehicle that would alter Dyno readings). However, at his/her discretion, a NASA ST Leader may require an updated certified Dyno report (at the driver/owner’s expense) after one year from the date of the previous report.

Make sure to leave some room for dyno variance by increasing your minimum weight if needed.


Happy New Year and have a Safe, Fun, and Healthy 2022 Race Season!

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