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Need input- cf brake ducts for crx/civic

MWHC Tuner

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I am currently fabbing up a set of carbon fiber brake duct for the 88-91 civic/crx.

I plan on putting together a kit that would include the ducts, the ducts for the front bumper, and the hose (2.5" dia.) plus the fasteners to mount it on the car.

The duct is a custom piece that points the air right at the rotor to w/i one half inch of the rotor surface, and will turn with the knuckle as well.


I am interested to know what you think a fair price would be for the kit.

The following pieces below are part of the kit...just a reference.


A normal set up : (less my ducts)

10' of high temp neoprene - 60.00 (enough for both sides)

front ducts- 3" inlets- 16.00 ea.

reducers- 3" to 2.5"- 15.00 ea.

grand total (less my ducts)- 122.00 less shipping.


I know what my cost is to produce the ducts, I have a prototype set already in production, and wonder what the market will bare as a fair price for the ducts plus the above items..


I appreciate your input, please only serious comments in return.


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Sorry, but I don't have feedback on what a fair price would be. I just want to say that I've been looking into fabricating something like that (although not in carbon fiber) and I would much rather buy it than make one on my own. I'm glad to see people are making stuff like this.


Would the same piece work on a 3rd gen Integra with little or no modification? As a side note, I've heard the best place to duct brake cooling air is at the center of the rotor so it blows through the venting on the rotor. I know that such a setup is difficult with the drive axle being there.

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yes it is tough to vent to the inside with the axle in the way. I built a prototype set up and ran them on my crx and despite it not being pointed to the "true" inside of the rotor, it did a fine job.

Carbon is kind of overkill I think, but I had access to it and thought why not?

The kit is going to be as universal as possible. I will include the mouting tab seperately, and you can move the duct to a proper location and then pop rivet the mounting tab in a place that suits your needs.

The prototype set is due in my shop next week, then will test fit and make changes before the first set is sold.....

I will add other makes if there is sufficient interest.

I plan on posting up pics and so forth on my website once the prototypes are in.

I appreciate your feedback, and I am cost concious as all in here are, so every attempt to keep the costs down are being considered, with out sacrificing durability or functionality.

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After the set of CF ducts are in production (early Jan.), I will look to produce them in a different material such as fiberglass as well. It will all depend on the cost of the resins and how many pre sold orders I have.


Anyone have any input or a cost in mind? The info below will help you give me some input....


Keep in mind that the higher temp. resistant resins are very expensive. My testing showed rotor temps to be around 575 on a pit stop, normal resins will break down at around 200- 225 F.

I will have over 100.00 in each side ( L & R ), to produce them in cf.


Add in the grill ducts, the hose, and the fasteners to produce a true "kit" and the cost looks to be around 335.00 or so for the complete kit. But that price is not set in stone....pre-orders will determine the price, the volume I have produced will ultimately set the price. I am looking for about 10 sets to start production. So far I have 2 kits presold, and 2 others want just the ducts.


They have liked the design I produced and have also attempted a kit of their own, so they know that a kit that truly works, is worth the money.


I will be including a free gift made out of cf as well, (it is a surprise and you'll be able to use it at the track, office, or home ),and one free rebuild for each duct, should it become damaged due to an accident or off course excursion for that price.


I am going to offer the ducts as a kit, and as a non-kit as well.

kit price is around 335.00

ducts only around 250.00


I am well aware that you can make ducts for alot less and I did that as well. I found that I was constantly repairing the hose, and I didn't have a duct that pointed right at the rotors. Once I had a prototype of the duct, and it proved efficient, the repairs stopped, the rotor temps reduced, and pad wear decreased as well. I also found that I stopped cracking front hubs from the heat, and I had a much firmer pedal at the end of a race.


Serious inquiries and responses welcome.

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I race in NorCal HC, Iv'e been looking for proper brake ducks for years, glad to hear someone has taken time to make them, i have a 1997 Integra Type R will yours fit my A-arms/uprights.

I can be reached by cell at (510) 760-5732.


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the current style I have is for the early civic/crx, so no they won't fit the itR, I am looking to work on that design during the month of Feb, and hope to have them ready by march. Sorry this time frame is a bit away, but that is the best I can do in my spare time, and to keep up with the current flow of business.

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I can't wait to see the finished product. I was rereading an earlier post of yours discussing the mounting tab. I wonder if you couldn't accomplish an almost universal fit with the duct itself and then offer a different tab configuration for various knuckles. I believe the orientation of the duct would be the same for each application, so maybe the only thing that would need changing is the mounting tab. IIRC, most Honda/Acura applications share that front knuckle brake line mount that could be used.


Anyway, I'm excited to see more products like these enter the market. It takes balls to product CF pieces like these since the start-up costs seem to prohibit the completion of most ideas I read about.

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the duct will pretty much be universal as you stated. You seem to be pretty in tune with this application, I bet you have a fast crx due to your attention to detail. The moutning tab will come seperate, all you'll have to do is fit the duct and then pop rivet the tab to the duct in the proper place due to your paticular car's knuckle.

The difference between the ef (crx) knuckle and the eg,ek (civic 95 up) is the width of the knuckle, so the inlet tube of the duct will be a tad longer.

thanks for your interest, final product is due to arrive next week, pics will be taken, and plenty of them.


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I paid over 700 bucks for the molds to get built, and all they did was collect dust. No one ever inquired about purchasing a set of my ducts, they just criticized the cost, typical for forum members I guess.


I have the only set in existance that I built, they are in KY on a guys car that quit racing, I have to arrange to get them back is all.



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