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NASA 944 Spec racecar available


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Hello all.
I'm selling my 1988 NASA 944 Spec racecar with a bunch of spares.

$9440 😁

The car was converted into a racecar in late 2017 from a "daily" driver with 113k on the odometer. It has been raced in the NASA Great Lakes region for all of 2018, most of 2019, and a few races last year (2021 Daytona Championships included).

2.5L (non-turbo) engine was rebuilt in 2017 with all Lindsey Racing components.
- New timing and balance shaft belts
- Cylinder head was checked and cleaned; rebuilt with new seals and valve springs
- Crankshaft was checked and cleaned; crossed drilled oil passages
- Oil pan baffle installed

Transmission has short 5th and LSD; checked out okay but not rebuilt. Used in 2021 only.

The car has a few bumps and bruises but is completely solid. Please message me for more details and pictures.

- Stock dash shell w/ working instrument cluster
- Oil temp and water temp gauges (VDO)
- Switch panel w/ 4 accessory switches, ignition switch and start button
- External electrical kill switch
- Mylaps X2 transponder (NOT hardwired)
- OMP HTE-R 400 seat – good thru 2022
- OMP 6-point harness – good thru 2022
- IO Port Racing window net – brand new
- Longacre 13” rearview mirror
- Sparco steering wheel
- Momo steering wheel adapter w/ NRG quick release
- Custom pedal extensions w/reinforced throttle pedal
- Coolshirt box and hoses (passenger seat area)
- GoPro rollbar mount w/ GoPro Hero 3 camera included
- Center mounted fire extinguisher
- Hanksville Hot Rods 944 Spec roll cage
- Koni shocks
- Ground Control camber/caster plates
- De-powered steering rack
- Tarett adjustable front swaybar
- Stock 3-position adjustable rear swaybar
- Hawk DTC-60 front pads, HP+ rear pads
- Tow straps/loops (front and rear)

- Wiring diagrams
- Detailed notes
- Late phone dial wheels w/ Toyo Proxes RR (2 sets) +1 wheel/tire
- 2 late phone dial wheels, no tires
- Used Toyo Proxes RR (5) – still good
- Transmission (short 5th, NO LSD)
- 2 used Koni shocks (front 8641 1414 sport) – still good
- Hypercoil springs (350 and 400#)
- 17” Longacre rearview mirror
- GoPro camera hardware
- Bosch coil
- Distributor cap
- Spark plugs
- 944 Turbo oil cooler adapter (NOT installed)
- Stock sway bars
- Doors (red)
- Front and rear bumpers (red)
- Passenger fender (black)
- Front lower fascia (red)



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