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Hoosier and Michelin Mod Hit


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I have noticed that the price of DOT Hoosier (R/A7) have increased their cost to the same price of a comparable sized Michelin Slick.  Was the original intent of the mod hit for the use of slicks in the calculator to discourage the use as they use to cost considerably more.  To me if the only DOT that is competitive is the Hoosier and it cost almost the same amount as a slick why not do away the the slick mod hit as the Michelin is much superior and durable than the Hoosier?

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I think the cost/performance gap was a big part of the original need for the mod. But as you mentioned, with Hoosiers now being the same price as slicks it’s probably worth discussion. Right now Hoosier is a sponsor for contingency while Michelin isn’t. So unless that changes, getting rid of that mod is probably a bad business decision. 

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