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GRM Scott

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine Job Opportunity

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GRM Scott

Tim asked me to post this around the web. If you know someone who might be good for the job, don't hesitate to send this along to them. If you might be good for the job, don't hesitate to contact Tim at the E-Mail mentioned below.


Tim's message follows:


GRM needs some help in the sales and marketing department. First choice would be one high level experienced person to become director of sales and marketing. This job would entail managing the two magazine's sales efforts as well as the marketing efforts and special events for two national automotive magazines.


This job would take a minimum of 10-15 years of experience and would require relocation to sunny Daytona Beach, Florida. Salary would be competitive and commensurate with experience. This would be a like a real job, only way, way more fun.


I'll work backwards from there and possibly split sales and marketing up for two persons of lessor experience and let them grow into the senior position.


Please don't apply unless you are honest, want to work hard but be treated very fairly, love cars and have some genuine talents to offer. Applicants should email their resumes (not to the private email function of this message board) directly to the publisher ([email protected]) along with a letter explaining why they would be the best candidate. This candidate would also report directly to me.


Related experience, ideas for how you would market these publications and the ability to write a compelling letter will be looked over carefully. If you can't sell yourself, you won't fit in well here.


Naturally we offer health plan, IRA matching, paid vacations, trips to romantic destinations like Topeka Kansas, Mansfield Ohio and Buttonwillow California and the ever popular year end bonus. Its also not hard to convince me why I should fund some or all of your car racing or restoration habit either.


Like any good corporate citizen, we don't care how old you are, what color you are or how long you wear your hair. All we ask for is proven track record and winning attitude.


By the way, please don't call, just email. The reason I am opening this position is not because I or anyone else is leaving, but becuase we are just growing to fast for me to do everything I need to do, and I need some help, so I can get back to the garage some more.



Tim Suddard

Publisher, CMS/GRM

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