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Wanted: Used tires 315/35/17 and/or 275/40/17


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I need some tires to mount and do light testing on. They don't need to have any "races" left on them but should be in otherwise good condition.

Seeing how every part of my car and brakes are new, I would hate to flatspot 4 new hoosiers the first time I touch the brakes.


And yes... I am being a little paranoid



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I know it's not a perfect fit but I've got four 255/40/17s for sale for $400.




Edit: size type-o's

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I have a set of OEM GM 1996 Vette GranSport wheels with some Hoosier R3S03 with those exact sizes on them. They have been used for some open lapping testing. The fronts are wornout but will work for what you are going to do.


I want $650 + shipping for the wheels and tires.

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I have one set of 315s, and one set of 275s, for sale, tires are in very good shape, I want $400 for the set of 275s & $500 for the set of 315s. plus shipping, I live in NY, they are both Hoosiers. you can e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks

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